Dolem or Dorem (ドレム, Doremu?) are enormous mecha-like beings that are used as superweapons by the Mulians. The name "Dolem" is derived from "golem". It is also a reference to the first three notes in the C major scale, "Do-Re-Mi", and the Italian word "dolere" (to ache).

In RahXephon, proper Dolems are designated by TERRA as D1. The smaller fighter craft Dotem (with T instead of L) are designated as D2.

Dolem are made of clay, like golem, but are animated by a quasi-mystical force that is connected to music, as most of the controlling Mulians appear to be singing. A Dolem attacks while singing, and sometimes the attack is the song itself. Each D1 Dolem is bound to a Mulian who controls it. Some Dolem are also bound to a human host called a "sub-Mulian" or "Dolem host"; in this case, the human host anchors the Dolem in the human dimension, making it possible for the Mulian in question to take over the body of the host. This binary or trinary bond is so strong that, as shown in the series, destroying a Dolem can kill both the Mulian controlling it and the human host. When destroyed, a Dolem disintegrates into blue blood and clay.

All Dolems seem to be named after musical terms.

List of DolemsEdit