Shtow Megumi


A TERRA Tactical Division operator in training. She is Haruka's younger half-sister, and has a bright and energetic personality but she has withdrawn from school and has a complex about her older sister.

In Depth:Edit

(紫東 恵 Shitō Megumi)

Japanese seiyū: Ayako Kawasumi
English voice actor: Hilary Haag First appearance: Episode 5

Megumi Shitow is Haruka's younger half-sister. She initially protests Ayato living with her, Haruka, and their uncle, but she does her best to help Ayato feel at home, and develops a crush on Ayato as the series progresses. She often serves pocky and other snacks, and introduces Ayato to Ramune. Although seemingly energetic and upbeat, she has many internal issues. She did not fit in well in school, so she joined TERRA as a trainee. She would later be promoted to the rank of a full officer. She initially has a crush on Souchi Yagumo, but gives up on him when she finds out that he is seeing her friend, Kim Hotal. She feels as if she is constantly living in her sister's shadow, and this comes to a head when she learns that Ayato and Haruka had a relationship when they were younger, as by the end of the series she has developed a crush on Ayato. In other versions In the movie, as in the series, Megumi helps make Ayato feel at home, but does not fall in love with Ayato or Yagumo — at least not in the scenes shown.

In other versionsEdit

In the manga, Megumi and Kim have minor roles as classmates, "bodyguards" and observers of Reika.