Theme songsEdit

Production Song name Credit
RahXephon (TV series) opening "ヘミソフィア" ("Hemisphere") By Yuho Iwasato and Yoko Kanno. Performed by Maaya Sakamoto for episodes 2-3 and 5-25. Instrumental version for episode 4.
RahXephon (TV series) ending "夢の卵" ("Yume no Tamago", "Fledgling Dream") By Ichiko Hashimoto. Different verses from the Japanese and English versions performed by Ichiko and Mayumi Hashimoto for episodes 1 through 25.
RahXephon (TV series) final episode ending "Before you Know" Instrumental by Ichiko Hashimoto.
RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio (movie) ending "Tune the Rainbow" By Yuho Iwasato and Yoko Kanno. Performed by Maaya Sakamoto.



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