Episode English Title US Airdate Japanese Title Japanese Airdate
1 "Over Lord" 9/3/2005 "Invasion of the Capital"
"Shuto Shinkō"
2 "Awakening" 9/3/2005 "God and Man Awaken"
"Shinjin Mezameru"
3 "Welcome to Our Town" 9/10/2005 "City of Two"
"Futari no Machi"
4 "Watch the Year Hand" 9/9/2005 "His own Watch"
"Jibun no Tokei"
5 "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" 9/17/2005 "Nirai-Kanai"
6 "Lost Songs Forgotten Melodies" 9/17/2005 "Obliterated Cities"
"Shōmetsu Toshi"
7 "Phantom in the Cloud" 9/24/2005 "Day of Assembly"
"Atsumaru Hi"
8 "The Dreaming Stone" 9/24/2005 "Bitterly Cold Holy Night"
"Kōru Seiya"
9 "Sanctuary" 10/1/2005 "Small Shrine of Time"
"Toki no Hokora"
10 "War in the Remembrance" 10/1/2005 "Sonata of Recollection"
"Tsuioku no Sonata"
11 "NightMare" 10/8/2005 "Kyoja Circuit"
"Kyoja Kairo"
12 "Resonance" 10/8/2005 "The Black Egg"
"Kuroi Tamago"
13 "Sleeping Beauty" 10/15/2005 "Human Specimen #1"
"Ningen Hyōhon Dai Ichi Gō"
14 "Time After Time" 10/15/2005 "The Boy in the Mirror"
"Kagami no Naka no Shōnen"
15 "Child Hood's End" 10/21/2005 "The Children's Night"
"Kodomotachi no Yoru"
16 "The Moon Princess" 10/21/2005 "Island of Others"
"Tanin no Shima"
17 "Ground Zero" 10/28/2005 "Return to the Labyrinth"
"Meikyū he no Kikan"
18 "The Memory of a Lost City" 10/28/2005 "The Bond of Blue Blood"
"Aoki Chi no Kizuna"
19 "Ticket to Nowhere" 11/5/2005 "Blue Friend"
"Burū Furendo"
20 "Interested Parties" 11/5/2005 "The Artisan's Battle"
"Ayanasu Hito no Tatakai"
21 "Good Bye My Friend" 11/12/2005 "The Carved Seal of Xephon"
"Zefon no Kokuin"
22 "Downfall" 11/12/2005 "Operation Jupiter Obliteration"
"Mokusei Shōmetsu Sakusen"
23 "Where the Sweet Bird Song" 11/19/2005 "From Here to Eternity"
"Koko Yori Towa ni"
24 "Twin Music" 11/19/2005 "Doorway to the Tuning"
"Chōritsu he no Tobira"
25 "Deus Ex Machina" 11/25/2005 "God's Uncertain Music"
"Kami no Futashika na Oto"
26 "Time Enough For Love" 11/25/2005 "Far Beyond Eternity"
"Haruka Kuon no Kanata"

In keeping with the musical theme of RahXephon, episodes are called "movements" and each volume of DVD is called an "orchestration". Each episode has a title screen that provides an English title for that episode, which generally does not correspond to a translation from the Japanese title. In addition to the 26 regular episodes, one recap episode was aired and one episode was released as an (OVA). These are placed in the list according to the series chronology.

The original air dates are schedule dates; these are calendar dates until the April series break, when Fuji Television moved RahXephon from Monday afternoons into a Tuesday late night anime block. Episodes 10 through 26 started at 25:55, which is at 1:55 a.m. Wednesday.[1][2] This means that the calendar dates of the first and last episode airings are 21 January 2002 and 11 September 2002, respectively. Stations in the Fuji Network System affiliate Tōkai Television Broadcasting network started airing the series in the late night but moved it to late afternoons after the same series break.[3] RahXephon thus remained both a late night and late afternoon anime series throughout its original run.

Other animeEdit

RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio
(2003), 116 minutes, television movie. An alternative version of the story, with substantial plot changes and some new scenes. Original release dates: 19 April 2003 (TV) 25 September 2003 (DVD)

Anime distributionEdit


Television broadcast and Video on demand

Among the television networks and video on demand (VOD) services and that have broadcast or streamed RahXephon are:

Region Network, station or service
Japan Fuji Television [2] and its FNS affiliate networks, except in the Kansai region.[4]
Bandai Channel (Web VOD)[5]
Kansai region of Japan Sun[4] (Kobe, Osaka)
KBS[4] (Kyoto Prefecture)
TVN[4] (Nara Prefecture)
BBC[4] (Shiga Prefecture)
WTV[4] (Wakayama Prefecture)
United States, Canada Anime Network (TV broadcast,[6] TV VOD[6] and Web VOD.[7])
United StatesG4 TV [8] (USA: Anime Unleashed. CAN: Not broadcast)[9]
France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium (French) Game One [10]
Mangas [11]
Spain Cuatro [12]
Portugal SIC Radical [14]
Republic of China Animax [15][16]
File:RahXephon dvdcover2 mediafactory.jpg
DVD video

In Japan, the Media Factory DVD release started while the series was still airing. Template:Nihongo, containing a "making-of" documentary and trailers, was released as a prelude on 29 March 2002. Its content was used as bonus material in the international releases. The series itself was released on nine volumes of DVD, the first one on 31 May 2002.

The series and the movie were licensed internationally. ADV Films released the show as seven DVD volumes in the United States and United Kingdom. In addition to the Japanese bonus materials, ADV included interviews with some of their voice actors. Other distributors released the show in other regions and languages.

ADV Films announced new High-Definition DVDs for release in 2005; each volume was planned have one disc of HD video and another with both DTS 5.1 and Dolby 5.1 audio for the standard definition video.[17] However, these were delayed[18] and ultimately failed to be released. Media Factory released a DVD box in spring 2007 which included a HD DVD edition of the movie, new art by Akihiro Yamada, and a re-release of the OVA episode.[19]

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